Burning Fat

Burning Fat

Burning fat is the ultimate goal of any weight lost program.. It gathers in your thighs, in beer bellies and stomach areas. One pound of fat is about 3555 calories and each person burns calories at a different rate. So, losing fat and weight is a two prong approach, spanning diet and exercise.

The first part of losing weight is eliminating your stores of fat by depriving your body of unnecessary fat in your diet. This means eating healthy with fresh foods, skipping heavily processed food with added fats and sugars. For coffee drinkers, this includes reducing the amount of sugars you put in your coffee. The following are some ways you can reduce the amount of fat in your diet:

  • Decrease the amount of sugar you put in foods
  • Eat vegetables at every meal
  • Intake more protein-chicken, beans, etc—so you don’t feel hungry.
  • Take your lunch to the office so that you can control what you put in the food
  • Substitute ingredients in family favorites for a lower calorie version, such as putting applesauce in cakes to make it moist instead of butter
  • Keep carbs for days you exercise.
  • Try to eat every two to three hours to help keep energy up
  • Count calories.
  • Calculate the calories it took to maintain your weight and reduce your intake by 500 calories at least per day.
  • Substitute spaghetti squash for pasta
  • Drink water instead of sugary sodas, juices and sports drinks.
  • Don’t’ eliminate all fats in your diet as your body needs them. Instead, aim to consume low amounts of healthy ones.
  • An example of a healthy low fat breakfast is eggs and a cup of fruit. Dinner might be seasoned chicken with pureed cauliflower and carrots.

The second part of the fat burning equation is to move your muscles with exercise. This can be a variety of workouts that you do on a daily basis. Ideally, you should vary the workouts each day, such as rotating cardio with strength training.

  • Keep a log of your workouts
  • Count the calories you burn through exercise. Use this as motivation to exercise.
  • Don’t expect your body to show your weight lost overnight. Give it some time. It may take a few weeks to see a visible reduction.
  • If you require immediate results, get out a tape measure before you start to exercise and measure your waist, chest, thighs and arms. After two weeks of following both a healthy diet and exercising, then remeasure.

Combining the two will yield the strongest and fastest results in fat burning. Eating right gives your body the fuel it needs to let go your stores of fat. Burning fat is ultimately up to you. You can do it.