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Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer can be a help in staying the course with a nutrition and/or exercise program. With a personal trainer, not only are you accountable to someone to follow the plan, but a trainer can offer additional services, such as working out a weight loss or strength training program that’s geared to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Weight loss programs with a personal trainer

A personal trainer can be a big asset when you are trying to shed your unhealthy eating habits and embark on a new, healthy way of living. Just a few of the benefits of working with a personal trainer for weight loss include:

  • Assessing your weight and BMI. The first thing a personal trainer will do is determine your current weight and body mass index (BMI.) Only when you know where you are right now can you work out a plan to improve your weight and lifestyle.?
  • Setting goals. Once you and your trainer have determined your weight and body mass index, you can set goals together and work out how you’re going to achieve your desired weight. A trainer will keep you from setting unrealistic goals, but also keep you on task if you reach a discouraging plateau.
  • Offer a tailored nutritional plan. With a personal trainer, you don’t have to adapt your lifestyle into a pre-set weight loss plan. Your trainer will create a plan that takes into account your schedule, your cooking skills and your family setting, thus improving your likelihood of success.
  • Help you over hurdles. Anyone who has ever tried a weight loss plan can tell you that there are times when staying on the plan seems next to impossible. Maybe it’s a special event or maybe a life event gets in the way. A personal trainer will help to keep you on track even when it’s difficult.

Strength training with a personal trainer

Strength training can help your muscles stay toned and improve your overall health. With such a program, you won’t end up looking like a body builder, but you’ll retain your muscle mass, even as you age. Strength training is especially important for those over 50, as it helps to ward off loss of bone density and osteoporosis. Such training also promotes good heart health and good (HDL) cholesterol levels.

Strength training is different from the more common aerobic exercises. Such training involves providing resistance to the muscles to encourage muscle contraction. This can be done through working with weight machines and free weights or via activities like the javelin throw, shot put or discus throw. When you work with a personal trainer, he or she sets up the program, increases the reps as you gain more strength and keeps track of your progress.

Working with a personal trainer is like having a partner in your success. Not only will he help keep you committed to your self-improvement campagin, but he will help you set a course for a healthier lifestyle to keep you fit for years to come.